How is sleep (or lack of sleep) affecting your life?

‘I just can’t get to sleep at night.  I lay there tossing and turning for hours with my mind racing.’

‘I fall asleep just fine but I wake up at 3 a.m. and then I’m awake for at least an hour.’

I hear these things often when I ask patients about their sleep.  It can be frustrating and often by the time I see people they think they’ve tried everything and there’s no hope left or they don’t know what else to try.

You may not realize how lack of sleep is affecting your health.  When our bodies aren’t getting enough sleep a number of other symptoms can occur like lack of focus, fatigue, weight gain and poor eating habits, mood imbalances, loss of libido or a general feeling of un-wellness. Insomnia can make the normal stressors of life feel unmanageable.

Sleep issues are caused by a number of things from stress, depression or anxiety, poor sleep hygiene, caffeine and hormonal changes.

Even with severe life stress, it’s possible to get a good night’s rest.  Schedule a consultation and let’s explore how to turn your sleeping patterns around.

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