Where Did The Family Doctor Go?

“The Family Doctor” What does this mean anymore?


How long does your doctor spend with you?

Time does not equal quality, but do you feel heard? Are they listening?


Does your doctor have a one-solution approach?

Is it always a prescription or a surgery option?


When you have multiple specialists, who wraps it together?

Who explains the big picture of your treatment options and alternatives?

Who is your advocate in the health industry?

Who practices this kind of medicine?

It’s rare these days to find the kind of personal care you’re seeking, someone who will be there year in and year out for all your health care needs. A doctor who really listens and doesn’t think you’re making it up, or tells you, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” or “I’m sorry there’s nothing more I can do.”

Naturopathic physicians offer a holistic approach. They are educated in so many modalities of treatment, that if they can’t do it, they know who can. They can integrate all your healthcare needs and help you see the big picture. Naturopathic physicians help you by empowering you to take charge of your health, educating you on the nature of your imbalanced states and how to find Optimal Health again!

Things we treat:

· Common colds · chronic disease · digestive issues · physical medicine · women’s health · infants and children · detoxification · hormonal imbalances · blood testing·

Naturopaths are able to prescribe medication and refer out for imaging and specialty testing.

Where Did The Family Doctor Go?
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